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What is Terrarium Ecosystem?

What is Terrarium Ecosystem?

Terrarium is a sealed transparent container in which plants are grown. Being a closed environment, it can illustrate how an ecosystem works.

Terrarium Ecosystem Illustrated by Lush Glass Door

During the night, where there is no daylight, the green plants will take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. However, in the day, when the green plants inside the terrarium received sunlight, they will photosynthesize to make food and produce oxygen .

At the same time, the plants will transpire, which is releasing of water vapour through their stomata. Water in the soil will also evaporate into water vapour. When these water vapour touches the cooler surface of the inner side of the terrarium, it will lose heat and condense to form water droplets, which will then 'rain' back into the soil due to gravity and the water droplets will be absorbed by the the roots of the plants. Via the water-carrying tube, xylem, the water is transported up to the leaves.

Simultaneously, the plants will absorb the carbon dioxide they released in the night and with the presence of sunlight, they photosynthesize and this cycle repeats again and again.

By building a terrarium, we are apparently bringing Mother Nature back into our home and our work space, which somehow has a calming effects especially for many who work in windowless offices and own homes that have little or not greens. So why not build one now?


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Making A Terrarium is Real Easy!

Making A Terrarium is Real Easy! 

Simply follow the steps below and you can make your own terrarium in a breeze.

Step 1: Get the following materials ready

  • 2 -3 Varieties of Succulents
  • A Clear Glass Bowl
  • Potting Soil
  • Pebbles for Drainage
  • Pebbles for Decoration
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Small Teaspoon
  • Tablespoon

Step 2: Using a table spoon, fill the bottom of clear glass bowl with pebbles. The purpose of using pebbles as the bottom layer is to aid water drainage.

​Step 3: With a pair of glove (optional, if you do not like hands with soil) remove the mini plants from their original pots. Be careful not to hurt their delicate roots during this process.

Step 4: Arrange them in the glass bowl in your desired arrangement.

Step 5: Using small teaspoon, fill up the gaps with potting soil. To have a nice landscaping effect, layer more soil at the back (to make a higher hill at the back) and layer less soil in the front. Your terrarium will have a nice sloping effect from its side view.

Step 6: When you are satisfy with the overall layout, next is to layer pebbles on the surface of the soil. Slightly bigger stone which is of contrasting color against your pebbles can also be added to enhance the overall aesthetical look, however, use them sparingly

Lastly, your end product is gonna be a lovely succulent terrarium which you will definitely be so proud of :)

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