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Terrarium workshops are a great way to learn about plant ecosystems and create your own miniature world

At Lush Glass Door, we offer a variety of terrarium-making workshops, including couple terrarium workshop, children party terrarium workshop, Hen's party terrarium workshop as well as team-building workshops. Workshops can be conducted at any location of your choice.

We also provide a wide range of terrarium-making supplies and materials & we are known for having a wide variety of succulents as well as the mini figurines. 

Our workshops are suitable for beginners, and our skilled facilitators will start by explaining the basic concepts of terrariums before moving on to the hands-on activity of building your own terrarium, the entire session will be fully guided.

The team-building terrarium workshops we offered are designed to be relaxing and enjoyable, making them an ideal option for corporate bonding events

Interested parties, you may contact us to enquire or book a slot. 

Whatsapp us at 9751 2407 now!

 Click here to read the terms and conditions related to workshop packages before purchase.

*Picture is for illustration purpose. As the plants, colour sand and miniatures (if any) chosen by participants will result in the final product looking different