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Lush Glass Door has conducted numerous Corporate Team building workshops and Parties Terrarium Workshop, If you are keen to learn to make a beautiful terrarium or find a fun and therapeutic activity with your friends or loved ones, join us!

Individual or Small Group Terrarium Workshops will be held at our tranquil and private studio, which is located at 371 Beach Road, City Gate, #02-53, Singapore 199597.
Directly connected to Nicoll Highway MRT via the sheltered linkway and it is less than 5 mins walk from the MRT. 

If you are driving, Great News! FREE PARKING for the First 2hrs (Mon to Sat)

We have a wide range of terrarium packages to choose from. Book a slot with us today!  

Terrarium Workshop is available Mon-Sat. Interested to book a slot for terrarium workshop on Sunday, Please refer below:

  • Sunday at 2pm or 4pm (By Appointment only), you may mix and match the packages to hit a minimum of $200 and we will reserve the slot for you

Whatsapp us at 9751 2407 now to book a slot!