About Us

A Couple Who Loves to Create

Lush Glass Door is a Singapore-based plant pot boutique, founded in 2015.
We are a wife & husband tag team, working side by side, from sourcing to re-potting each little plant into the final art piece.  It all started after a casual trip to a farm and we both fell in love with plants, especially the hardy and low maintenance succulents, cacti and air-plants. We love nature and are driven to incorporate creativity element into designing plant pots that one will never look at it the same way again and we totally enjoy what we do.


Over the years, we have crafted over thousands of terrariums and conducted numerous terrarium workshops which included some established corporate brands. 

We continue to strive to be the leading online store which create stylish plant pots adopting interesting concepts, for the busy urbanites who wish to add some green to their homes. Our lovely pots can also serve as excellent gifts suited for different occasions (Birthday/ Mother's Day/ Teacher's Day/ Wedding Favors/ Events Door Gift/ House Warming/ Baby Shower etc). Each and every plant is specially hand-picked by us to ensure all final products are of highest quality and are visually stunning. 

Customization is gladly welcome too and we believe the process of collaboration should be as exciting and enjoyable as the final product.